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Selling your house in Kansas can be a complicated process due to the various rules and regulations involved. One of the essential aspects of selling real estate in Kansas is the disclosure requirements. Kansas real estate laws require sellers to provide specific information about the property to prospective buyers. Failure to comply with these disclosure requirements can lead to legal problems and even the failure of the transaction. This article will outline the disclosure requirements in Kansas, the Kansas Real Estate Commission rules and regulations. And other vital information you need to know when selling your house in Kansas.

Disclosure Requirements in Kansas

  1. Condition of the Property: According to Kansas real estate law, sellers are required to disclose the current condition of the property. This includes any known material defects that could affect the value of the property or the buyer’s decision to purchase it. These defects could include issues with the roof, foundation, electrical system, plumbing, or any other significant structural problems.
  2. Special Assessments: Sellers are required to disclose any special assessments that are levied against the property. Failure to disclose special assessments can lead to legal problems. Special assessments are additional taxes levied by a local government for specific improvements or services, such as street repairs or sewer improvements.
  3. Legal Issues: Sellers must disclose any legal issues affecting the property, such as liens, lawsuits, or disputes over property boundaries.
  4. Environmental Hazards: Sellers must disclose any known environmental hazards affecting the property, such as the presence of asbestos, lead paint, radon, or any other hazardous materials.

Kansas Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations

The Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) is responsible for regulating the real estate industry in Kansas. It sets the rules and regulations that must be followed by all real estate professionals, including disclosure requirements. The KREC has a specific Kansas real estate form that sellers must use to disclose the required information to prospective buyers. This form, known as the ‘Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement,’ must be completed and signed by the seller and provided to the buyer before signing a contract.

Failure to Disclose

Failure to disclose any required information can have severe consequences. The buyer may rescind the contract, seek damages in court, or both. Additionally, the seller may be subject to disciplinary action by the KREC, including fines and suspension or revocation of their real estate license.

Options for Selling Your House in Kansas

  1. Traditional Real Estate Agent: Hiring a traditional real estate agent, like one from RE/MAX Derby, KS, is a common way to sell a house.
    The agent will list your property, market it to potential buyers, and help you navigate the disclosure requirements and other aspects of the sale.
  2. Sell It Yourself: Some sellers choose to sell their house without an agent. If you opt for this route, you must be prepared to handle all aspects of the sale yourself, including marketing, negotiating, and complying with all disclosure requirements and Kansas Real Estate Commission rules and regulations.
  3. Sell to a Cash Buyer: Companies that advertise ‘we buy houses fast in Kansas‘ or ‘sell house fast Wichita’ are usually cash home buyers in kansas. These companies can often close quickly and may buy your house as-is, meaning you may not need to make any repairs or improvements before selling.

Navigating Disclosure Requirements with Freedom Property Investors

Freedom Property Investors plays a pivotal role in the real estate selling process in Kansas, by ensuring that all disclosure requirements are meticulously met. As experts in Kansas real estate laws and the Kansas Real Estate Commission rules and regulations. They guide sellers through every step of the transaction. From accurately filling out the ‘Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement’ to navigating any special assessments, environmental hazards, or legal issues. Freedom Property Investors ensures that all disclosures are thorough and honest, minimizing the risk of legal problems and transaction failures. Their comprehensive services ensure a smooth, transparent, and successful property sale for all parties involved.


Selling a house in Kansas involves various disclosure requirements that must be met to ensure a smooth transaction. Whether you choose to sell your house with the help of a traditional real estate agent sell it yourself, or sell to a cash buyer. It is crucial to be aware of the Kansas real estate laws and the Kansas Real Estate Commission rules and regulations. Failure to disclose required information can lead to legal problems and the failure of the transaction. Therefore, it is essential to be thorough and honest in your disclosures to avoid any issues and ensure a successful sale.